G’day From Basil

‘G’day …

My name is Basil (as in ‘Brush’ rather than ‘Fawlty’) duly named on account of my red coat – I thank my lucky stars as I so could have been called Butlins. Boom, Boom!

People sometimes confuse me with a Cockerpoo… eyebrows are curiously raised when my Human Parents (HPs for short, fitting, as they are such a ‘saucy’ pair) explain that I’m actually an Australian Labradoodle.

I was born in England and am very proud to be British. I love going to Village Fetes, listening to the Archers and watching the Royal extended family, especially the corgis! My Dad has commented upon me liking ‘the finer things in life’ – I’m not really sure what this means but if it relates to me also being rather partial to a saucer of Earl Grey then I guess he’s spot on, yes, I do like my creature comforts!

I’m also keen to embrace my Australian roots. I love the sunshine and having a Barbie with my besties but most importantly, travelling is in my blood. So is a sense of fun and for some inexplicable reason, I’ve a tendency to break into ‘Aussie-isms’ at any given opportunity. It drives my Mum potty (Dad thinks it’s funny) but, it makes me happy and, most importantly, it also keeps me occupied!

Like any self-respecting youngster, I can be mischievous but I promise that I’ve some endearing character traits too.  For example; I’m braver than a dingo in the outback (although for some reason others have mentioned that I’m a bit of a scaredy cat). I’m also friendly – I just adore people, other calm dogs and, I must admit, cats – even the scaredy ones.  Furthermore, I’m a bit quirky – I love the hairdryer, burying my nose in the sand and, the piece de resistance, a slice of marmite on toast in the morning! I’m also a quick learner… you see, the upside of being well-behaved is that when my family kick up their heels and set off on a mini-break, I get to go too.  Ripper!

Sounds great I know. However, my Mum is mad as a cut snake when those places promoting themselves as being dog ‘friendly’ transpire to fall short somewhat.  I do get what she means… after all, when travelling as a family, we like to eat and drink together and to sit within comfortable surroundings. I, too, get a little hangdog when the ‘saucy pair’ are offered limited options where yours truly and eating are concerned including; to leave me alone in our bedroom (but woe betide if I jump up onto the bed) or be banished to an outdoor courtyard or alike where I’m ‘welcome’ to accompany them too.

Although I’m very brave, I normally panic a little at this moment and try my best to convey through my puppy dog eyes that I will be eternally grateful (all the while silently vowing to stop pestering for a slice of toast as soon as I wake from my deep slumber) if they just, pleeease, select the latter option!   

You see, did I mention that one of my other characteristics is that I’m extremely sociable.  OK, I could be a little braver, but we are working on that, but I like nothing more than to sit quietly under the table whilst enjoying the company of my Mum and Dad!  And, when approached, to warmly greet other guests along with (should they too be on a mini-break with their extended family) their four legged friends!

It’s just no fun being left on my own in a ‘dog friendly’ room that can sometimes be distinctly unfriendly, bereft of life’s little luxuries and, more often than not, situated miles away from the hub of civilisation and most importantly, separated from my very own ‘family’ comfort blanket. 

I shouldn’t worry though, as thankfully, my family never hesitate and consistently choose the latter option but no matter how many heat lamps promised, blankets offered to ‘tuck around their legs’, or parasols provided to shield from the sun – call me picky, but I just don’t think that this approach is particularly friendly nor does it make any of us feel especially chipper either!

‘Every cloud…’ though!  Without these less than welcoming experiences, I wouldn’t be introducing myself and inviting you to join me on our travels as we set off on a journey of discovery.  A journey to source venues that truly live up to a promise of being dog ‘friendly’ by not just tolerating us pooches but providing much, much more for the whole family… a big, fat, fabulous, all inclusive, welcome. 

I’m so pleased you can join me as I embark on my mission…a creature comfort mission!’



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