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    ‘I love, love, love this website.’

    Kos – London

    ‘Loved Basil’s blog… hooroo’

    Jamesina – Dorchester

    ‘Can’t wait to find places that get the importance of families, kids and dogs, being able to share quality time together.’

    Anna – Wimborne

    ‘We love spending our weekends with our puppy and love this website… ’

    Steve – London

    ‘As a family of dog lovers, we have historically had to trawl through many many sites to find what often turns out to be anything but a dog “friendly” hotel! We can’t wait to have a dedicated website to proven dog friendly hotels. What a wonderful idea!’

    Sarah – Bristol

    ‘Can’t wait to follow the gorgeous Basil on his travels.’

    Grahame – Bristol

    ‘We’re looking forward to cuddling up with our puppy when at home, we want to do the same when we stay at a hotel.’

    Sophie – London

    ‘Good luck with the website, can’t wait to see where Basil goes next!’

    Phil – Cirencester

    ‘For my dog to relax, he needs to feel welcome… and so do I!’

    Penny – Downton

    ‘I’m really looking forward to being able to have a review and reference site so I can travel with confidence with my two dogs safe in the knowledge that other dog owners have been happy there.’

    Angie – Eccleshall