A Word from Mum…

As a ‘highly attached pet owner’ and animal welfare campaigner, from time to time, I put pen to paper with a view to generating discussion, inspiring comment and raising awareness (or, just a smile!)

Basil is now a ‘roving’ reporter for the ‘New Milton Advertiser & Lymington Times’ so his pawsome reviews of local dog welcoming establishments including restaurants and pubs without accommodation also feature.

Dog Theft: Our Green and Pleasant Land?

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Basil goes Walkabout to… Master Builder’s House

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Basil goes walkabout… to afternoon tea at the Lord Bute in Highcliffe

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Basil takes a dog’s-eye view of the world at the pretty East End Arms pub

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Have pet, will travel: Basil the labradoodle’s top 10 dog friendly hotels in southern England

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TOP 10: Tips and tricks to capitalise on the power of the pooch

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‘The Greatness of our Nation…

World Animal Day’s Mission is to ‘create a world where animals are always recognised as sentient beings.’ What saddens me deeply is that we, the supposed most intelligent cohabiters of this planet, have the need to make such an obvious statement and embark on such a necessary Mission…

‘What’s in a Name?’

Are you sure you’re happy referring to yourself as Basil’s Mum?’ my brother tentatively enquired after reading the first draft page of my pooch’s travel website. ‘Isn’t it just, well, a little bit, namby-pamby?

A final word from Mum...

I am the co-founder of Dignified Departures, a not for profit company and information website dedicated to raising awareness and providing information on end of life veterinary care and in-home peaceful euthanasia.

Our objective being that by the time that Basil reaches his twilight years, every pet owner in the UK will have ready access to in-home compassionate end of life care for their pets.

For further related articles and to view our website, please visit

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‘We love spending our weekends with our puppy and love this website… ’

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‘As a family of dog lovers, we have historically had to trawl through many many sites to find what often turns out to be anything but a dog “friendly” hotel! We can’t wait to have a dedicated website to proven dog friendly hotels. What a wonderful idea!’

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‘We’re looking forward to cuddling up with our puppy when at home, we want to do the same when we stay at a hotel.’

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‘For my dog to relax, he needs to feel welcome… and so do I!’

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‘I’m really looking forward to being able to have a review and reference site so I can travel with confidence with my two dogs safe in the knowledge that other dog owners have been happy there.’

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